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David Allen

David Allen is an aviation enthusiast and digital media producer living on the Space Coast of Florida. Since the age of 8, when is father took him flying for the first time in a 1979 Cessna 152, David has had a fierce passion for aviation and aerospace.

David’s love for all things aviation grew when, at the age of 13, he joined the Civil Air Patrol. During his 13 year tenure with the official auxiliary of the United States Air Force, David achieved the grade of Cadet Captain, earning the Amelia Earhart award. Among David’s Special Activities was a week spent at Columbus AFB for a week of Air Force Undergraduate Pilot Training in the North American T-38 Talon.

Unable to quench his thirst for aviation, David began consuming podcasts. Uncontrolled Airspace, Airspeed, The Pilot’s Flight PodLog, The Pilotcast, The Student Pilotcast, and The Student Pilot Journal all found space reserved on his iPod. In 2007, David became one of the hosts of the popular hangar-flying podcast, “The Pilot’s Flight PodLog”. David has been editing and producing that show now for several years.

In 2009, David began volunteering at air shows, creating digital media and appearing live on the air on both SUN ‘n FUN Radio and EAA Radio.

In 2010, David worked on the film crew for the upcoming independent documentary film Acro Camp. During the 5-day principle shooting, David worked directly with the Director, Director of Photography, and the cast and crew to capture the magic of an intensive aerobatic flight training school. In 2011, David was invited back for Acro Camp 2, presumably for more film crew work. Unknown to him, the rest of the crew had been secretly planning to put him in the cockpit for the 4-day camp. So without any prior preparation, David spent 4 days learning how to fly a Citabria, a Super Decathlon, and a Pitts S-2B upside down.

All of this hanging around airports and pilots, and generally staying plugged in to aviation, has resulted in David finding his way into lots of other people’s airplanes. Thus, in 2011, David created his very own aviation video show. “Other People’s Airplanes” features flights in all kinds of airplanes and brings the audience into the airplane cockpit in glorious high definition from multiple camera angles. David also uses “Other People’s Airplanes” to bring the audience along for the ride whenever he attends aviation-related events like SUN ‘n FUN in Lakeland, the U.S. Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, and EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.
Kevin Coleman

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