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Kevin Coleman

Kevin Coleman is only 21 years old and he has already made a name for himself in the air show business. Kevin, who is one of the youngest air show stars in the world, is a second generation pilot and second generation air show performer. As a kid growing up in the air show business he loved watching his father perform. And a few years later, he was watching his older brother perform. As soon as Kevin was able to walk he was helping out around the hangar with the airplanes. When you watch Kevin performing in the sky, it is clear that flying aerobatics is a part of his DNA.

At the young age of 10 years old Kevin started taking aerobatic lessons in the family decathlon from air show legend Marion Cole*. Kevin quickly became fascinated with aerobatic flight and he started taking lessons as often as he could. Marion became Kevin’s friend and flight instructor. As Marion’s student, Kevin flew his first solo on his 16th birthday, and he earned his private pilot license on his 17th birthday.

In his early teens, Kevin was traveling the country crewing at air shows for his brother, Wyche T. Coleman, and the rest of the 2003 Stars Of Tomorrow team. Kevin took great pride in crewing at every show, helping out with cleaning the airplane and keeping it ready for every flight. Through these experiences Kevin gained the friendship and respect of many of today’s greatest air show performers including Sean D. Tucker, Bill Stein and Michael Goulian.

Kevin has been fortunate enough to have been trained and mentored by the absolute best in the past and present air show world including Bill Stein, Michael Goulian, Sean D. Tucker, and with legendary Air Show Hall of Fame member Marion Cole.
Judy Rice

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