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Judy Rice

Judy Rice builds partnerships across the country to help make a difference in the aerospace industry workforce and the education of students interested in technical fields. Throughout her life, Judy has had a passion for aviation and space technology. This passion coupled with sixteen years as a teacher eventually brought her into the field of aerospace education.

She values the experience gained as a special education specialist because it gave her a broad knowledge of the learning process. Her position with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) as Deputy Director Aerospace Education and with the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) as the Executive Director Youth Education involved a wide variety of skills:collaborations with various national aerospace education organizations; developing, writing, and editing curriculum; script writing and video production; implementation of curriculum programs in schools through-out the nation; professional development; large scale volunteer/member coordination efforts; coordinating the largest air show event in the nation for youth, KidVenture; and director to two national aerospace conferences.

The National 4-H Aerospace Curriculum Project hired her to produce a series of publications that eventually involved 35 businesses and thousands of pre-college 4-H members. During the 4-H project, Ms. Rice learned to fly and is an instrument rated commercial pilot, an advance ground instructor, and certified flight instructor. She currently has logged almost 3,000 hours in numerous aircraft. Ms. Rice’s work has taken her to almost all 50 states representing aerospace education. She has numerous awards and accomplishments in her portfolio and is a member of many aviation organizations. She is the proud owner of a Grumman TR2 airplane. Her goal is to share her passion for aviation and her extensive experience with youth and adults worldwide.
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