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2012 April
Close Calls by Anthony Nalli - Introduction


This special series is by noted author Anthony Nalli.

Close Calls is a column detailing the “close call” experiences of fellow pilots. Determining a close call can be quite subjective but for our purposes here a close call will be any situation where a pilot suddenly finds themselves in a potentially dangerous situation quite unexpectedly. Personally, I describe a close call as “closer than I’d prefer.” I invite you to contact me at CloseCalls@ThAviators.TV to anonymously share your stories. The experience shared and lessons learned will be of benefit to all readers. Confidentiality will be assured and I will not use your name or aircraft identity without your permission. If you submission is used in Close Calls you'll receive an official cap of the new TV series The Aviators. 

Anthony Nalli is the Executive Producer of the new television series The Aviators (www.TheAviators.TV). Anthony can be reached at CloseCalls@TheAviators.TVThe Aviators can be seen on PBS in the United States, Global and CHEK in Canada, and Discovery in Asia.

Check back here for regular episodes of Anthony Nalli's Close Call blog.

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