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2012 December
Anthony Nalli's Dreams of Flight - Part 1

At this year's NBAA Convention in sunny Orlando, Florida, Jessica Seaman of MastersOfFlight.com was able to sit down with Anthony Nalli, Executive Productor of the extremely successful TV show The Aviators, for an interview about his aviation dreams. This is the first of a three-part series detailing Jessica's chat with Anthony.

It was a bright sunny Florida day as I arrived at the Convention Center in Orlando where the NBAA Convention was in full swing. I was there to interview Anthony Nalli, award- winning television producer and host of the increasingly popular "The Aviators" television program The show is dedicated to presenting the stories of pilots and their experiences throughout the broad world of aviation. As I walked into the large convention area, the atmosphere was alive with excitement. Pilots, vendors and aviation enthusiasts were there to share their innovative products and services to the vast market of corporate aviation. My heart raced a little with anticipation as I came around the corner to the Sennheiser booth that was represented at the convention. I was relieved to see Mr. Christian Pulm, of Marketing and Strategy Development for Sennheiser, waiting there with an outstretched hand to greet me. He asked me if I was ready to interview Mr. Anthony Nalli, I confidently told him that I was ready.

I was not sure what to expect. Though I had watched The Aviators many times and knew who Anthony Nalli was, I still wondered what he would be like in person. Just then I heard Mr. Nalli's voice as he approached the booth. He wore a big smile on his face and his voice was friendly. I was immediately put at ease. With our initial greeting, I sensed that Mr. Nalli was a genuine and a down to earth person that had a story to tell. I was anxious to share it.

Most of my interviews start out with a common question. "What brought you to this point in life and how did you get here?" It was only appropriate to start this conversation with Mr. Nalli in the same way. I sat back slightly in my seat and prepared to focus on the words of the story that Anthony Nalli was about to share.

Like many of us who share a love for flying, Anthony Nalli developed an interest in aviation at an early age. Excited about his dream to fly, he aspired to be a commercial airline pilot. Determined to live his dream, he told his high school guidance counselor about his ambition. His enthusiasm quickly turned to disappointment as his counselor erroneously told him that he was not within height requirements to fly in a commercial aviation career. Sadly upon hearing this news Mr. Nalli put his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot on the back burner. Anthony pursued other interests which helped him to develop valuable insight that would later help him in achieving his life-long goals.

As the years passed, the dream to fly that was instilled in Anthony at a very early age started to surface again. At the age of 35 he made a decision that would influence the rest of his life. It was time to live his dream. He was determined to make that dream become a reality in his life. The timing was right and Nalli decided that he would become a pilot. When asked what his first experiences were in his early flight training, Anthony amusingly recalls his first flight- lesson, "I remember walking out to that 152 for the first time. I was about to begin my flying lesson. It [the airplane] looked so small, so delicate. It did not take long to find out otherwise. I realized that it was a very capable aircraft that would help me achieve my desire to fly." As Anthony climbed into the small plane and sat in the seat beside his flight instructor, he knew that his dream was about to come true. I suspect he experienced what all of us pilots experience when we first fly. As the tiny aircraft lifted gracefully into the sky, a sense of freedom came over him. It had happened. many years had suddenly ignited and burned within him. There was no stopping him now. Aviation had firmly become a part of him The dream that had been simmering on the back burner for so many years had suddenly ignited and burned within him. There was no stopping him now. Aviation had firmly become a part of him.

At the present Anthony holds aviation ratings which include, a private pilot’s license, instrument rating and night time flying rating which is required in Canada where Mr. Nalli resides at this time. He shares that he is constantly learning and is open to all that aviation has to offer him.

Come back soon for the second part of Jessica's interview with Anthony Nalli.

About the Author:  Jessica "Jessie" Seaman is an Aviation Journalist that shares stories of those making aviation history today on her website, www.mastersofflight.com
The love for aviation was instilled in Jessica at a very early age by her father who is a private pilot. She is presently a student pilot and will achieve her Private Pilot’s License at just the age of seventeen. Jessie has a passion to mentor other young people encouraging them to follow their dreams.  She is a regular public speaker sharing her message, “The Sky is Just the Beginning”.
Ms. Seaman is an intern for Sun’ n Fun, Inc. where she assists with aviation education to young people,   Jessica is also honored to serve as the International Lead Student for Think Global Flight, an educational adventure promoting STEM education around the world.  She is a student at Central Florida Aerospace where she is majoring in Aerospace Studies.  Her dream is to become a corporate pilot.

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