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2013 May
Meet Anam and Harry - Our Live Your Dream winners at Cranfield Flying School in the UK

We only get one chance at life and at Cranfield Flying School (CFS) our aim is to help students make it in Commercial Flying, setting them on a career where their office is the cockpit and the sky is their workplace.

Audio specialist Sennheiser UK in partnership with CFS have awarded two applicants as part of the 2013 Sennheiser “Live Your Dream” scholarship, a program designed to assist people with a passion for flying by easing the financial barriers whilst providing motivation in their flight training. From the many applications received viasennheiser-liveyourdream.com, 17 year old Anam Mamud, and 14 year Harry Ball were selected on the merit of their application to be the recipients of the 2013 ‘LIVE YOUR DREAM’ scholarship at Cranfield.

The scholarship will provide £1000 contribution towards flight training on a Private Pilots Licence (PPL) course, Sennheiser’s latest S1 headset and an Airbox Runway HD app for the iPad. CFS will provide 10 dual flying hours for the scholars and waive all written exam fees for the PPL.

“Sennheiser has been supporting the broader aviation community since the early eighties, when we launched our first aviation headsets,”

commented Dave Dunlap, Director of Sennheiser Aviation.

“With our Live Your Dream initiative, we are taking an important step towards encouraging aspiring pilots to take the next step in realising their aviation goals. We want to help make the path towards a career in becoming a pilot easier and through the CFS, more informative and more fun in the hope that anyone with a passion for aviation takes the next step in realising their dreams.”

CFS offers a wide range of flying courses for students seeking to start a career as a pilot for the commercial airlines or simply those that wish to experience the joy of hands on flight. Our qualified and experienced flying instructors will guide students through all they need to know to master the sky.

“I want to thank everyone at Sennheiser UK and Cranfield Flying School for this fantastic award- it’s a positive step. And with the help and support of a fantastic team, hopefully I will be able to achieve my dream. The team at Cranfield is the best anyone could ask for – everyone there is happy to help, and I’ve always felt like I’m part of a family whenever I’m there.” Anam Mamud.

Each student that CFS educates has the potential to become a heavy jet pilot. The specialty is in the step-by-step modular training of those wishing to obtain their Commercial Pilots Licence, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating, and Flight Instructor through to Private Pilot’s Licence and beyond. The emphasis is on talent building and giving students the professional pilot training needed to become a commercial airline pilot.

“For us, Sennheiser UK has the lineage and integrity in Aviation equipment design who help make pilots lives in the air better. Knowing their work and equipment from my time managing high profile bands such The Libertines and the Hives, and my role in International television broadcast, I trust what they do and its very important for us to find partners who are thinking out the box and are passionate about getting more people interested in Aviation”

Gautam Lewis, Head of Digital and Marketing, Cranfield Flying School.

The scholars flying life will begin at Cranfield Airport located centrally in the UK and only 50 miles north of London, an airfield perfect to learn their profession with VOR, NDB, ILS, and GNSS approaches. With Full Air Traffic Control it gives them the platform to build their skills. CFS instructors are the lifeblood of the school. Each has been chosen for their skills as teachers as well as their skills to inspire students.

“I’ve never won anything before in my life, the first time I do, it’s something that’s so important to me.  I appreciate that there’s an awful lot of hard work and effort required from me over these next few years but I really feel as though my dream has come ever so slightly closer.”

Harry Ball, Live Your Dream scholar felt when he was informed of being awarded the scholarship.

Both scholars will be documenting their experiences in a series of blog posts to share their progress through the course.  CFS will produce an observational documentary about the scholars Live Your Dream experience. This will be launched online after they finish. You may read their previous blogs on the CFS website here:

Anam’s blog:



Harry wrote this report for his school post working as an intern for a week last Christmas at CFS –http://www.cranfieldflyingschool.com/harry-ball-work-experience-cranfield-flying-school

To find out more about CFS, go to:

facebook.com/cranfieldflyingschool | youtube.com/cranfieldflying | #youhavecontrol via @atplcpl

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2013 January
Fourth round entry by Benjamin Blovits

Live Your Dream - Scholarship Competition Entry
As a kid, I was always obsessed with aviation. Anytime I heard a plane flying overhead, I had to stop whatever I was doing and look to see what it was, sometimes at the expense of losing the baseball game we were playing. It would be worth it though, because I’d get to watch one of Northwest Airline’s 747’s climb out of Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County airport on its way to Tokyo. I’ve always dreamed of being the captain of one of those very planes, making the trip across the Pacific Ocean to some far away land. Sounds like the stuff of fantasy, but on July 5th,2012, it came closer to being a reality. That is the day I passed my check ride, received my private pilot’s license, and accomplished a lifetime goal. That moment was the proudest and the most fulfilling moment of my life. All of the time I had devoted towards the flight training had paid off, and I’ve never been happier. Now it is time to take the next step towards my dream, and that step is getting my instrument rating.
My name is Ben Blovits, I am 19 years old, and I am attending Western Michigan University in pursuit of a degree in aviation flight science. My experience thus far has been amazing, and it has made me certain that I want to have a career in aviation. I have found no greater joy than cruising at 130 knots in a Cirrus SR-20 at 3,500 feet above the Michigan countryside. It is a feeling of complete freedom and peacefulness, and the world looks so simple and perfect. You can get away from all the commotion and stress of everyday life and just fly. It is you, the aircraft, and the sky, and you have the whole world to explore. As the saying goes, “A mile of road will take you one mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere”. I love to share this passion with others around me, and I hope that I can spark the passion inside of them to accomplish a lifetime goal of theirs too. Nothing is too outlandish, anything is possible. You just have to set your mind to it and give it your all.
 I look forward to continuing my education, and continuing to share my passion for flight with others whenever possible. This scholarship would help me greatly in doing this if I were to win it. It would be put to use towards my instrument rating, which I am now starting at Western Michigan. We all know aviation is expensive, and this scholarship would help offset the cost of my education. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this, and considering me for the scholarship.

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2012 December
Announcing our fourth round winner

Hello Aviators and Enthusiasts,

It's time to announce the next winner of a Sennheiser Live Your Dream aviation scholarship. As always, it is exceedingly tough to choose just one winner, but the team of ambassadors have made a decision.

The Live Your Dream Team wants to give a huge congratulations to Benjamin Blovits, our fourth round winner! Benjamin is currently pursuing an aviation flight science degree at Western Michigan University. Benjamin is also a private pilot, and he intends to use the scholarship to help him complete his instrument rating. 

Be sure to check back in a few days to read Benjamin's winning scholarship entry.

Fly safe,
The Live Your Dream Team

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