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2013 May
Anam Mamud - My experience as a Live Your Dream scholar

A little bit about me: So, for those of you who don’t know me personally, I thought I’d do a little introduction to me. My name is Anam- my friends like to call me “Top Gun” though, because I’m a [trainee] pilot- and I’m quite short (like Tom Cruise in the movie. I know, I have weird friends). I’m 17 years old, in sixth form at my local school, and I’m studying A level Maths and Physics (which are super difficult) and French and Spanish. Other than flying, I enjoy writing; science and space (NASA!!) are two of my favourite things to talk about (don’t get me started); and I couldn’t live without music (I know, gripping stuff). Oh, and I forgot to add- my number one hobby is catching up on all the homework I’m behind on. Sixth form is no picnic.

I really love flying. Those of you who have read my blogs will probably have realized that by now, but I’ll say it again- I really love flying. What could be better than soaring a couple of thousand feet above the rest of the world?

The first time I thought about flying as a career was last year, coming up to my GCSE exams. I was wondering what kind of career path I wanted to go into, what subjects I should choose at A level to help me reach that career, etc. Obviously, I’m interested in science, and space, so I’d been toying with the idea of going into a field of work involving aeronautics, physics and space, because my life practically revolves around the three :)

And then I saw a documentary about pilots and careers in aviation. And I thought to myself, ‘wouldn’t that be a fantastic job?’ But I didn’t really think could become a pilot. However, my parents thought it was an interesting idea, and my mum actually said ‘Why not? You’re perfectly capable of it’.

So my parents made a deal with me, saying that if I got good grades in my GCSE’s, they’d let me have a few flight lessons. I studied hard, and actually ended up with really good grades- and as soon as the weather started getting nice, I was off to Cranfield to take to the skies!

After my first flight experience, I was completely hooked – I’d caught the flying bug (in a good way). That was when I realized that flying was what I really wanted. My aspiration- my dream is to become a commercial pilot, and fly all around the world and to be able to visit different places and meet new people. I view flying as a very exciting, but challenging job, which is a motivating factor for me – I love a good challenge, and being in the position of a pilot in command of an aircraft is a pretty big challenge. But one I’m always eager to take on :)

In November of last year, one of my friends at Cranfield Flying School told me about the Sennheiser Live Your Dream scholarship. He sent me the link to their website, and I thought, ‘What’s the harm in taking a look?’ So I clicked the link, and looked over the details of the scholarship. The scholarship itself offered a £1000 grant towards flight training, as well as a bunch of goodies; a Sennheiser headset, the Runway HD app for iPads, among other things.

I thought that it would be a great thing to apply for, as obviously the grant would contribute hugely toward my PPL training. However, I didn’t really get around to actually applying for a while – it kind of slipped my mind, as I was busy revising for exams in January. I remember seeing a mention of it on the CFS Facebook page, jolting my memory. I spoke to my dad about it, because I wanted to get his opinion. I didn’t think I would stand a chance of winning, but my dad’s take on it was ‘what have you got to lose?’ And then I decided to go for it- he was right. Applying for the scholarship would mean I had a lot to gain, but nothing to lose.

So, I wrote my application, sent it off, and pretty much forgot all about it, because I didn’t expect to hear anything more on the subject. Then, on March 9th I got a phone call from none other than Derek Spicer (!) – telling me I had won the scholarship! I think my main reaction was speechless disbelief, as I never dreamed I would actually win the grant, but once the news had sunk in, I was over the moon! It was pleasantly surprising to be told that I’d actually won something for once, and I’ve pretty much spent this week coasting on happy feelings, because winning this scholarship means a lot to me.

I intend to use the Sennheiser Live Your Dream scholarship to further my PPL training, and hopefully, the weather will start getting better, so there’ll be some sunny days to spend flying with these scholarship hours. The Live Your Dream scholarship also grants me the opportunity to work with the mentors at CFS and Derek Spicer as well. Obviously, it’s great to have such an experienced team at hand to help me achieve my dream of ‘going commercial’, and it’s their experience that gives me so much confidence; I know I’m in safe hands with the team at CFS.

IMG_0060I want to thank everyone at Sennheiser Aviation and Cranfield Flying School for this fantastic award- it’s a positive step. And with the help and support of a fantastic team, hopefully I will be able to achieve my dream. The team at Cranfield is the best anyone could ask for- everyone there is happy to help, and I’ve always felt like I’m part of a family whenever I’m there. To be given this opportunity to better myself and this massive contribution to my PPL training is such a privilege and I’m so thankful to have been chosen for this award.

Many thanks to everyone who has been involved :)

During my training, I’m going to write a blog after each lesson and do a video diary. My video diaries will be turned into a film so that others can learn from my experiences in the hope it might inspire others to enroll at a flying school or indeed apply for a future Live your Dream Scholarship. You can follow my training blogs onhttp://www.cranfieldflyingschool.com and http://sennheiser-liveyourdream.com/

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