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2012 September
Announcing our second round winner

Hi everyone,

Our list of scholarship submissions keeps growing day by day and we are so pleased to be able to announce our second round winner today. 

As always, chosing a winner among so many outstanding and compelling entries isn't easy but our Live Your Dream ambassadors have been kept busy reading and watching all your entries and have picked a winner. 

Sam Walsh has been a regular Live Your Dream contestant ever since we started the competition originally last year. Hence it is with great pleasure that we can announce Sam as this round's scholarship recipient. Sam submitted his story about pursuing his dream of becoming a pilot and we are happy to support him on his path. Congratulations Sam! Great job!

Sam is enrolled at Fanair USA for his flight training.

To everyone else, please keep posting those entries and fly safe!

The Live Your Dream Team

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2012 August
Announcing our first round winner

Everyone - 

With "aviation's greatest celebration" AirVenture 2012 behind us we are excited to announce the first round winner of our scholarship competition. 

Trust us when we say, it is never easy to pick a winner with so many great and inspiring competition entries submitted and we wish we could award scholarships to all of you! But a competition demands a winner so here we go:

Natalie Campana has submitted a truly inspiring video which captures the essence of what Live Your Dream is all about - passion for aviation and we are very happy to award the first scholarship for 2012 to her. Congratulations Natalie!

To everyone else, thank you for your submission and remember there are still plenty of competition rounds this year. So keep submitting your entries.

We will post Natalie's entry in our blog shortly!

Blue skies,
The Live Your Dream Team

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2012 July
First round entries in review

Live Your Dream is on its way!

...and what a great start it has been. We would like to begin by thanking our sponsors, flight schools and of course all of you who have entered into our scholarship competition. We have already received a lot of entries and some of your stories are incredibly inspiring. Overall reception of the program has clearly exceeded our expectations!

We are currently in the process of reviewing all of your submissions and should be able to announce our first round winner within the next couple of days. It is simply taken us a little longer than expected due to the large number of entries. 

So please stay tuned and check back here in the blog regularly for any updates and of course the announcement of our first scholarship recipient in 2012!

Thanks again to everyone for making Live Your Dream a reality!

Blue skies,
The Live Your Dream Team

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