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Western Michigan University

The College of Aviation at Western Michigan University offers the only comprehensive aviation program at a public university in Michigan, and with over 700 undergraduate students, is one of the largest aviation programs in the nation. Backed by over 70 years of aviation experience and our excellent industry reputation, the College of Aviation is a powerful force in the future of aviation training.

The College of Aviation's vision is to establish and maintain state-of-the-art, world-class professional aviation programs that are among the best in the world. We are examining the very ways we teach and pioneering revolutionary new methods of instruction designed to improve a pilot's ability to fly and to work efficiently with a crew. The College of Aviation produces graduates who think critically, communicate effectively, and participate meaningfully and ethically in the dynamic field of aviation.
Western Maine Aviation

We operate a small flight school with 2 Certified Flight Instructors and an FAA Examiner. We instruct in a 1975 Cessna 172M and a Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser out of Eastern Slopes Regional (KIZG) in Fryeburg, ME.
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