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Aviation Academy of America

Whether your dream is to be a professional pilot or just an adventurous recreational pilot we have the program for you!

The Aviation Academy is a FAA approved Part 141 flight school. We offer a private pilot course under Part 141. Under Part 61 we can complete training for the instrument rating.
Our practice area is located just 5 minutes north of the New Braunfels Regional (KBAZ) airport. This lowers costs to the student by not wasting valuable time transitioning from the airport to the practice area, such as San Antonio or Austin. If you are training for an instrument rating or want to practice instrument approaches, they are also located on the field.
Our goal at Aviation Academy of America, Inc. is to make sure you will not waste your time or money!

Del Sol Aviation

Fulfilling your dreams in the sky is our mission! Whether your goal is to learn recreational flying, or to develop skills that will launch you on a commercial flying career we are here to help you succeed.
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