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Alameda Aero Club

The AAC has always been a not-for-profit club dedicated to making flying accessible and affordable to everyone. We are based at Oakland International Airport (KOAK) in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, and we welcome new members from anywhere in the Bay Area -- and from all walks of life!

We have about 100 members, 2 Cessna 172s, and a Piper Archer. We rely solely on member dues and rental income from the planes to keep us financially solvent, and also rely heavily on our members' voluntary work to keep the club organized and working efficiently. We are safety-conscious and keep our planes professionally-maintained at all times.

Membership in the Alameda Aero Club offers student or experienced pilots more of what they are looking for in a flying club. As a member, you are a part owner of the aircraft.  You enjoy 24 hour access to all the planes via our convenient, web-based reservation system (also accesible via touch-tone phone through a toll-free number).  In close proximity to San Francisco and East Bay cities, Oakland International serves as a convenient airport for both your ground transportation and flying needs. Student pilot training in the Oakland area is more thorough, given the diversity of terrain, airspace, and airport setting.

Hagerstown Flight School

We are a part 61 school specializing in primary and instrument students. We have been in business for a little over two years and are located at Hagerstown Regional Airport (KHGR).
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