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Cranfield Flying School

Cranfield Flying School (CFS) offers a wide range of flying courses for those seeking to start a career as a pilot or simply those that wish to experience the joy of hands on flight. Our qualified and experienced flight instructors will guide students through all you need to know to master the sky. We are also a flying club with lots of regular flyers who have a range of licenses and ratings ranging from private pilots to airline pilots.

At CFS we are proud of the reputation that we have built over time as a provider of innovative professional flight training solutions. This reputation is founded on the delivery of our core values; stability, innovation and quality.

We offer a wide range of training options from basic Private Pilots Licence (PPL) through to Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL / Instrument Rating (IR) to Flight Instructor Rating (FI) and Multi- Engine Rating, and onwards to training airline instructors and examiners. We are truly a ‘full service’ commercial and private training specialist.

To do this we enjoy comprehensive Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approvals as a Flight Training Organisation (FTO178). The facilities available at Cranfield Airport (EGTC) are ideal for professional and private pilot training.

Because of our base at Cranfield Airport, pilot training by us makes full use of the air traffic control, instrument landing aids and night flying facilities hosted at Cranfield Airport. This enables us to cater for all levels of pilot training. Pilot skill tests are conducted at Cranfield Flying School.

Cranfield Airport and Cranfield Flying School are located less than 50 miles from London and are close to most major road routes including the M1. Cranfield Flying School, our pilot training facilities and Cranfield Airport are situated within a university campus famous for its College of Aeronautics and award winning technical library. There are extensive facilities on campus available to all undergoing their pilot training with Cranfield Flying School.

To date we have almost 100% pass rate with 2% of our total students dropping out of their chosen course, otherwise our retention rate is one of the highest amongst the UK flight training sector.

CFS believes in our people and the wider aviation community. We invest heavily in the talents of our staff and we inspire change in the Aviation community by supporting Freedom in the Air; a advanced flight training centre training people with disabilities to fly aeroplanes. Since launching Freedom in the Air; we have given over 500 disabled young people free flying lessons, a full scholarship. We develop enabling technology in the form of Hand controls partnered with Cranfield University Aerospace school to give access and inclusion for disabled people with lower limb disabilities.

Let talent fly!

Aerocademy was founded as a boutique flight school, not only to provide a means for those interested in becoming pilots to have a place to obtain their licenses or ratings, but also to grow our local General Aviation community.
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