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Adelaide Biplanes

At Adelaide Biplanes, we have a passion for pretty much everything there is to do with aeroplanes, and to help pass that love on to others, we set out to create a very special and very different Flying School at our home base at Aldinga Airfield, South Australia.

For newcomers to flight, we also wanted a school that would clearly prove that gaining a Pilot Licence is certainly not hard, is eminently achievable, and is not something that should be at all intimidating. Our training covers anything from Recreational Flying, General Aviation through to Commercial Licence, Aerobatics, Emergency Maneuvers to Tailwheel Endorsement Training. In fact there are so many tailwheels to choose from that we are 'Tailwheel Central'.

Open 7 days, families are welcome, coffee and cake is awesome!
McAir Aviation

If you are pursuing a career in aviation, or, you want to experience the challenge and adventure of flight, this is the place to become a safe, competent pilot. Whether it be the FAA, US Navy or the 1000's of satisfied clients we have trained, McAir Aviation is recognized nationally as a great place to learn to fly and receive professional flight training and instruction.
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