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Crosswinds Aviation

Located at Livingston Country/Spencer J. Hardy (KOZW) airport, Crosswinds Aviation we are committed to providing the highest level of flight instruction, in clean new aircraft, with the latest aviation technology, enhancing your safety and situational awareness throughout your training.

Our mission is to equip pilots with the skills and judgement necessary to handle situations they will encounter while flying.  We do this with scenario based training, where the focus is on the kind of flying pilots will be doing after obtaining certificates and ratings.

Crosswinds Aviation is proud to be a Cessna Pilot Center and our curriculum, aircraft, and strict maintenance requirements meet the high standards required by one of the industry’s largest professional flight training programs.


Pinnacle Aviation Academy

Pinnacle Aviation Academy is the premier general aviation flight school in Southern California located at McClellan/Palomar (KCRQ) airport.
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