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Sherwood Flying Club, Ltd.

The Sherwood Flying Club is first and foremost, a club which is run for the members, by the members. Our instructors are all unpaid volunteers which keeps our overheads low and allows us to keep the cost of flying down, an all-important consideration in these days of rising prices. Our flying rates are still among amongst the most competitive in the Midlands.

You can join The Sherwood Flying Club as a social member, a student or as a qualified pilot but whatever level you choose, you can be sure of a very warm welcome.

Our membership ranges in age from teenagers to senior citizens with the only qualification required being a love of flying.

As well as a long established and respected flying training tradition, we have a very active social side to the club

The Sherwood Flying Club brings together people from all walks of life who not only love flying but who also want to fly economically and, above all, safely.

We have a dedicated group of qualified and highly experienced instructors to look after you on our Thursday and weekend flying days. Come and say hello, you'll be assured of a warm welcome. Better still book an introductory flight and experience the thrill of flying for yourself. There's no obligation to continue, so you've nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

* Introductory Flights
* PPL/NPPL/Night/IMC training
* Ground School
* Competitive Flying Rates
* Uncluttered Airspace
* Clubhouse and Free Parking
* Free WiFi hotspot for visitors and members
Skyways Flight Training

Skyways Flight Training is a small yet highly professional flight training organisation. Our career instructors have a wealth of knowledge including airline and corporate experience, gained over many years within the aviation industry. They'll give you the attention, support and continuity you need to complete your training successfully.
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