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Live Your Dream
...and take to the skies!
Do you have a passion for aviation? Is it your dream to become a pilot?

In our daily work of supporting pilots all over the world, we hear about peoples' passion for flying as well as their goals and dreams of becoming an aviator. We’re very pleased to be able to continue supporting those goals for those who aspire to earn their pilot’s certificate.

After a successful start our "Live Your Dream" program has grown by teaming up with international flight school partners, notable aviators who act as ambassadors and mentors, and sponsoring such worthy organizations as Able Flight, Eagle Flight, and Women of Aviation Worldwide.

Live Your Dream has become an umbrella program for Sennheiser Aviation’s global support to the aviation community. We want to hear from you, the student pilot, about your passion to learn to fly so that we can support you through our global network of flight schools and partner organizations.
The Aerostars are a precision aerobatic demo team whose aerial ballet captivates air show audiences large and small. They fascinate the crowd with a combination of graceful aerobatics flown in tight formation and spectacular maneuvers.
Joe E.

Joe E. combines his love for aviation and music. Earning his private pilot’s license while in High School, Joe firmly set a course for a career in aviation. Presently Joe is a CRJ Captain for Air Wisconsin Airlines as well as a professional musician.
Live Your Dream in Music
Live Your Dream is about making aviation dreams come true. Motivating, being inspirational! For many people music can have a very similar effect. It inspires us, puts a smile on our face! Why not combine the two - Live Your Dream and music. Well, we have!

Joe e., one of our Live Your Dream ambassadors has written and produced an amazing song for us which we feel embodies what Live Your Dream is all about. Very soon you will be able to listen to "Live Your Dream" right here on the site but for now head on over to Joe e. website and check it out...Thank you Joe for your amazing and inspiring work!

Joe's song is also featured in Sennheiser's new iPad magazine BlueStage. Download Sennheiser's new magazine app for the iPad at no cost and dive right into a new and interactive way to experience the world of sound. In the aviation issue, the high art of aerobatics features alongside the high art of plane building from scrap heaps. Watch Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe take his first flying lessons and learn how veteran pilots pass the torch in schools.

In May, BlueStage is all about the sonic experience on wings. Download, swipe, and enjoy!
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