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Airbox Aerospace Limited was formed in early 2008 by pilot and engineer William Moore and Tom Hedges, a design and marketing director, to realise the potential of their combined experience in aircraft navigation technology.

The duo were joined in the Spring of 2008 by David Clark, who has brought with him a wealth of knowledge in the field both as the founder of Road Angel Group, a leading British automotive GPS manufacturer, and as an experienced helicopter pilot.

Steve Gubbins joined Airbox in 2010 to bring his knowledge, understanding and experience developed over 17 years heading up Garmin (Europe)'s aviation division Steve is a qualified pilot and instructor.

With a focus on innovation, safety and the highest levels of customer service, Airbox is redefining the leading edge of navigation technology.

Airbox is based at Grove Technology Park, Oxfordshire, England, on a former World War II USAF base and has an in-house software development and design studio, with manufacturing partnerships with several far east electronics specialists.

Airbox is proud to work with many leading aviation organisations including the Civil Aviation Authority, National Air Traffic Services, all sectors of the airborne emergency services, the military and Jeppesen GmbH.

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