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Saitek has been a cornerstone of the global flight simulation market for nearly two decades. Since the launch of Flight Sim 4, we have been designing and creating class-leading hardware for the flight sim community.

New for 2011, we are proud to launch the first-ever range of officially licensed Cessna accessories, designed with even more realism to perfectly mimic the actual controls found in the world’s leading light aircraft brand. We are able to bring a fresh approach to simulation by building products which can help to train pilots in real scenarios, with controls and instruments that are durable, precise, and instinctively correct.

Transform even a modest PC into a cockpit and experience the stagger-
ing realism of every possible flight and emergency situation—complete with realistic weather and flight conditions. Modular controls and instruments can be built up in stages— begin with a simple Yoke and Throttle Quadrant then add to it to create a complete AOPA procedure trainer.

Specially engineered for in-game compatibility, Saitek’s current range of instruments and controls flawlessly work with Microsoft Flight Sim X; the industry-leading flight simulation software. Fully customizable itself, the software allows expansion packs which boast high-resolution scenery and almost every aircraft and airport to ever exist.

Saitek will continuously strive to provide high-quality, custom-crafted peripherals to an ever-growing industry. Using history as our compass, we are confidently looking forward to what’s on the horizon for the flight sim community and how we can play an integral role in its positive evolution.

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