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A small contribution towards a large goal: growing the international aviation community.
Aviation has fascinated mankind ever since the Wright Brothers first took to the skies more than 100 years ago. Since then advances in aviation technology have made it possible for more and more people to experience the beauty of soaring through the clouds. Taking the controls of an aircraft and learning to fly is a dream that many of us share! However becoming a pilot was and still is a challenging task that demands discipline, courage and the necessary financial resources. Hence for many it remains a dream!

Sennheiser Aviation first started Live Your Dream as a small scholarship competition in 2011. Fueled by the overwhelming level of participation and the quality of submissions we quickly realized that Live Your Dream is here to stay. In fact, it was time to turn it into something bigger. When we took the idea of a broader sponsorship / scholarship program to some of our friends and partners in the aviation community, we received nothing but positive feedback and new ideas. Everyone wanted to find a way to support Live Your Dream in the best way possible. Our Live Your Dream ambassadors, experienced aviators and aviation enthusiasts, are on board to demonstrate how they lived their dream and what it took to achieve their goals. Our flight school partners and sponsored organizations are providing the direct contact to individuals with the passion to learn to fly. Live Your Dream has turned into a true team effort and we are thankful for the opportunity we have been given to support the aviation community by getting more pilots into the air.

Our scholarship competition and the presentation program by our Live Your Dream Ambassadors are just the beginning. The Live Your Dream blog will feature regular blog posts on topics ranging from pilot experiences and flight training to just about anything we feel can help aspiring pilots in the pursuit of their dreams. Expect to find Live Your Dream supporting more organizations to accomplish our common goal of strengthening and growing the international aviation community.

Ultimately, Live Your Dream is all about living dreams and by knowing we can help someone take to the skies, we are living ours! We hope you will join us on our journey.
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