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...and give your students and your school an opportunity to win!
We are very aware of the fundamental role that flight schools all across the country play in helping people achieve their dream of becoming a pilot. Live Your Dream wants to support our flight school partners, so we offer the opportunity for flight schools to nominate scholarship winners.

Registration on Live Your Dream is completely free of charge and by signing up you are enabling a student of your choice to enter to win one of the US$1.500 scholarship available for additional flight training, which will be credited directly into the student’s flight school account.

And as a participating flight school you will also benefit in the following ways:

  • All flight schools that register will be included in our Live Your Dream directory with a full profile and contact information, giving you additional visibility among potential students. You will also become eligible for special Sennheiser and our Live Your Dream partners product offerings for your students and instructors.

Join Live Your Dream today and help your students continue towards their dream of flying!
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