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The cost of flight training often dissuades prospective pilots from pursuing their dreams of flying. Sennheiser Aviation and its Live Your Dream partners want to help relieve the financial burden of flight training by awarding monthly scholarships to those who are willing to share their enthusiasm openly with the broader aviation community. We are intrigued to learn what sparked your fascination for flying, and why you want to take to the skies and become pilots.

The scholarships include a $1,500 contribution to your flight training as well as valuable prizes donated by our sponsors.

Every month an expert panel consisting of our Live Your Dream ambassadors will review all of your entries and reward the most creative and exciting submission with one of our scholarships.

But you are not just entering the competition for yourself. The flight schools where our monthly winners are enrolled will also benefit and receive valuable prices aimed at supporting their daily task of helping aspiring pilots. These prices include among others a full PC-based flight simulator setup as well as the opportunity to host a motivational presentation by one of the Live Your Dream ambassadors - a great opportunity to present to students.

Anyone interested in participating just needs to follow these simple steps:

  • Be sure to get your flight school to register as a Live Your Dream Flight School for free on our flight school registration page.
  • You can also check in our flight school directory if your flight school has already signed up - if that’s the case, even better.
  • Use our competition entry form to submit either a short essay or a video, telling us about your dreams of becoming a pilot and how you plan to achieve that goal.

It’s as simple as that! Ready to get started?
Registration is quick and simple. Just click on the link above. Also, feel free to send us a message if you have ant questions or suggestions.
More Info
Please be sure to head over to our competition entry form and find out how to enter. You can also download the detailed rules and regulations as well as a Live Your Dream Flyer using the links below.
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